Over the years, we have learned certain things about moving that occur more often than others. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of helpful suggestions.

  1. Important Papers Have a portable file or briefcase for important documents needed during your time in transit such as passports, children´┐Żs school records, moving papers and tax information if your shipment will be in storage for any length of time.
  2. Get to know your High Value Household Goods (HHG’s) Take a walk through your home and survey your belongings closely. If a particular item is of great concern, make a note of it and point it out to your van line representative. They are always interested in your concerns. Sometimes, a photograph or video may be an excellent way to document your special belongings. If it is a high value item, it is advisable to create a High Value Inventory list.
  3. Factory Cartons Original factory cartons are excellent for shipping. If you have any, point them out to your packers and they will gladly use them. If not, adequate packing materials can be provided or purchased.
  4. Dresser Drawers Dresser drawers can remain full during the shipment. Any fragile items or items too heavy for the dresser must be removed and packed separately. In addition, any items of high value or containers that might leak should also be removed. This available space can be filled with blankets, pillows, clothing, etc.
  5. Beds and Bedding Your driver will see that your beds are setup and placed in their proper rooms. It is always beneficial prior to the move to place a clean set of bed linens in the dresser that corresponds with the bed for that room. This makes it convenient on move-in day for making up the beds.
  6. Organization Just before packing day, place all items that have been stored in other areas of the house in their “normal” rooms, i.e., kitchen items stored in the garage or hall closet should be placed in the kitchen. This will make organizing easier during unpacking at the destination.
  7. Fasteners Have small sacks or ziplock bags available to place fasteners, screws, wires etc., in. Label these bags and place them in a safe designated area such as a cabinet or dresser drawer.
  8. Delivery Care Package Put miscellaneous tools, toiletries, games, coffee, etc., in a special box to be loaded last and unloaded first on delivery.
  9. Light Upholstered Furniture Extremely light-colored fabrics can be very challenging to move without becoming soiled. It is always important that your mover is aware of these items. Sometimes extra precautions are necessary to assure their safety. This may require wrapping the piece in special materials for added protection.
  10. Gas Barbecues Gas grills are a common household item and can be moved provided there is NO propane tank attached. Moving companies will not move any propane tanks – even if they are empty!
  11. Electronics Shipping electronics is perfectly safe with proper packing and handling. Here are some simple procedures that will help make their relocation successful.

    Plasma or LCD TV’s
    • All Plasma, LCD, or similar TV’s must either be packed in the original manufacturer's box or crated. Computers
    • All computers first must have the power turned off.
    • Remove the computer disk or CD from the machine and place it in its cover.
    • If necessary, place the cardboard disk designed for moving in the 5 ¼ floppy drive of the computer. Now the unit can be safely unplugged and packed.
    CD Players
    • All CD players first must have the power turned “ON”.
    • Remove the CD(s) from the machine and placed in its cover(s).
    • Turn the unit off.
    • Now the unit can be safely unplugged and packed.
      WARNING: Never ship a CD player with a disk loaded in the unit!
      Delivery: Always allow your electronics (i.e., TV, stereo, computer) plenty of time to acclimate to the temperature of your new home before using, particularly if your van has been traveling in cold weather conditions. Six to eight hours should be sufficient time.

  12. Water beds There are many different styles of waterbeds. In some cases, a third party is recommended to drain and dismantle a waterbed. Most shippers choose to perform this task on their own. When available, it is always best to follow the manufacturer’s disassembly and draining instructions.

Note: If you have anything of unusual nature that requires more information please contact Moving Link or your assigned van line move coordinator.

Personal Items: Important Documents:
__ Clothing in suitcases __ Medical and dental records
__ Cash and travelers checks __ Insurance policies
__ Credit Cards __ Children’s school records
__ Medical equipment __ Career related materials
__ First Aid Kit __ Prescriptions
__ Glasses/sun glasses  
__ Toiletries Valuables:
__ Baby items __ Photographs
__ Children’s toys and games __ Jewelry
__ Pet food and dish __ Furs
__ Snacks __ Silver
__ Thermos __ Collectibles
__ Vacuum packed jug of water  
__ Premoistned towelette  
__ Pillows and blankets Identification & Auto Safety:
__ Music, tapes or cassettes __ Drivers license
__ Camera, film, and flash __ Automobile registration
  __ Insurance ID card
Notes: __ Emergency tools/tire pump
_________________________________________________ __ Flares
_________________________________________________ __ Fire extinguisher
_________________________________________________ __ Flashlight
_________________________________________________ __ Road map
_________________________________________________ __ Compass
Paints Hair spray
Gasoline Shaving creams
Kerosene Deodorants
Naphtha Household cleaners
Tar remover Insecticides
Paint thinner Tarnish removers
Bleach Car cleaners
Muriatic acid  
Auto Batteries  
Propane tanks of any kind  
Oxygen tanks  
Cleaning fluids  
Lighter fluid  
Chlorine granules or powder  
Combustibles of any type  
Any other toxic or corrosive item  
Check with your van line representative if you have any questions.
The packers and van operators are trained not to pack or load any of these potentially dangerous items. For the safety of your household goods, make sure no member of your family places such items in any moving container.
We want your relocation to be both PLEASANT and SAFE. Please ensure your shipment’s safety by eliminating the above items.